"The Native Professional Business Service Centre"


We are a full-service virtual server provider that recognizes the special concerns of aboriginal clients. We offer high speed access, superior system performance and reliability along with a high level of email support. Each ABORIGINAL-CANADA virtual server package includes the following from us:

  • 25MB in home directory;
  • includes a monthly data transfer volume of 500 megs of transfer; (Outside Hits)
  • 24 hour Fast T1 digital Internet connectivity;
  • Domain name registration and complete DNS services;¹
  • Ftp/telnet access to your account; [unlimited]
  • ability to run CGI scripts from your own directory;
  • fill out forms ability;
  • Free listing in our First Nation Information Project Directory;
  • Registration with major search engines;
  • Three pop3 e-mail account and unlimited e-mail aliases;(info,Webmaster,support,etc;)
  • additional pop3 e-mail accounts for $3.00 per month;.
Additional aliases for $1.00 each.
* this account assumes working knowledge of Unix and html; full support available by e-mail.


    one-time setup charge $ 50.00
    Monthly fee $ 39.95

    Other Fees

    Transfer usage over 500mb will be at a rate of $ 0.15 a MB. The $0.15 rate will apply to the first 800 extra megabytes of traffic per month. Each additional megabyte above the 1.3 gigabyte mark will be priced at $0.10 per megabyte.
    Additional disk storage space @ $0.25 per MB.
    * plus GST

    Our Virtual Server Hosting fees are for setting up and maintaining the server only. You are responsible for creating your web page . We assist you in placing them on the server and make sure everything works.

    "For those clients that do not have the in-house personnel to maintain your Site or do not wish to hire additional employees to do so, we provide a Web maintenance service. We will ensure that your site is always current and up to-date and reflects the objectives of your company or organization ." E-mail for more information on Web Site maintenance.

    We can also provide customized Virtual Server packages !

    ¹The customer is responsible for paying InterNIC's annual domain maintenance fee

    Domain Registration- $50.00

    Maximize your Company Internet Presence with ABORIGINAL-CANADA Virtual Domain Services. We will register a custom domain namewith the InterNIC¹, allowing your customers to access your Web pages with a URL similar to:

    Also referred to as:
    • Internet Address
    • Web Address
    • URL
    The name will be chosen by yourself, but must be unique on the Internet.

    ¹The customer is responsible for paying InterNIC's annual domain maintenance fee

    InterNIC Domain Name Fee Six weeks following the setup of your account, InterNIC will require that you have paid for your domain name. They will send a bill by e-mail and by regular mail. The cost for 2 years of domain ownership is $74.00US You will have the opportunity to renew that ownership at $34.00US/year at a later date.