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We will provide a standard home page and host it for any Canadian First Nation free of charge for THREE months to try the Internet. . See Non-Virtual Server First Nation Service for more information.

When you have entered all the information, click on the "SEND" button at the bottom. To fill out additional form, click on "CLEAR", then enter the information and click "SEND" again. Please ensure that the contact person and proper e-mail is inputted or we are not able to process.

Contact Name:
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If you want to include a logo, pictures or graphics, send to address below:
First Nation Information Project
Aboriginal Professional Centre and Internet Services Inc.
2660 Southvale Cres. Suite 303
Ottawa, Ontario
K1B 4W5

If you already have in electronic format, send a disk or forward by e-mail to
When we have all the information, we will publish your home page within a few days.

If you wish more information or wish to make comments contact us at firstnation@apcis.com

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